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Sanctuary of the Sacred Flame

Sanctuary of the Sacred Flame: A Guide to Johannite Spiritual Practice by Anthony Silvia, of GnosticNYC‘s Talk Gnosis, is a new work that may be of interest.

Anthology Silvia's Sanctuary of the Sacred Flame

“Spiritual practice is essential to the Johannite tradition, and this book will show you how to begin. Using the framework of the Logos Service, the quintessential Johannite practice, you will learn the basic techniques of many different types of prayer, meditation, contemplation, asceticism, and esoteric practice from a Johannite perspective. Whether you attend mass regularly at a Johannite parish, or if you live far from one, you will find a practice or two that will help guide you on the path to Gnosis.” [via]

The Hermetic Library on Talk Gnosis


Tonight I talked about the Hermetic Library, including the albums and journal from the Anthology Project, with Bishop Thomas Langley and Tony Silvia on Gnostic NYC‘s Talk Gnosis video podcast for Jan 26th, 2013, so head over and check that out.