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Stingbat says …

The Arcane Library‘s Shadowdark RPG Stingbat says …

Hermetic Library meme Stingbat Shadowdark prevail peace freedom true health through purity essence your natural fluids
“I will prevail in peace and freedom from fear and in true health through the purity and essence of your natural fluids” (apologies to General Ripper.)

Hermetic Library meme Stingbat Shadowdark pardon me good word donating blood
“Pardon me, but have you heard the good word about donating blood?”

(These are a couple possibly funny, but definitely goofy, memes, for funsies, using the image of a monster from the Shadowdark RPG game, which is currently doing gangbusters in crowdfunding, with 23 days to go: “Shadowdark RPG: Old-School Gaming, Modernized. Classic adventure gaming for 5E and old-school players alike! One book, all you need to play.”)