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SATAN-TYPHON. O Sun, my brother, is it thy will that I have speech with thee? For I have lain with thee nine moons in the womb of our mother; for we have loved as none have loved; for I am closer knit with thee than light and darkness, or that life and death!

Aleister Crowley, The Rite of Sol from The Rites of Eleusis.

Hermetic quote Crowley Rite of Sol Rites of Eleusis satan typhon sun brother thy will speech nine moons womb mother loved none close knit light darkness life death

Pan to Artemis (Uncharmable Charmer)

As a thank you for their successful campaign to fund The Rite of Sol, Eleusyve Productions has recently posted a video of Pan to Artemis (Uncharmable Charmer) from The Rite of Luna in 2005.

There’s still 20 hours to go in their campaign, so check it out and see if you want to get in on any of their special thank you gifts. Remember that this was the 2nd and reduced target for getting the production going, so every bit more helps them achieve their vision for this next installment in an ever increasingly well done series of productions.

Of course, you can get a sneak peak at this next production by gandering at the script for The Rite of Sol over at The Rites of Eleusis.