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We affirm on our altars our faith in ourself and our wills, our love of all aspects of the Absolute All.

And we make the Spirit shin combine with the Flesh teth in a single letter, whose value is 31 even as those of LA the Naught, and AL the All, to complete their Not-Being and Being with its Becoming, to mediate between identical extremes as their mean—the secret that sunders and seals them.

It declares that all somethings are equally shadows of Nothing, and justifies Nothing in its futile folly of pretending that something is stable, by making us aware of a method of Magick through the practice of which we may partake in the pleasure of the process.

Aleister Crowley, Liber V vel Reguli

Hermetic quote Crowley Liber V vel Reguli affirm altars faith ourself wills love absolute all not-being being becoming equally shadow  nothing futile folly pleasure process

New enlarged edition of The Secret Source

You may be interested in a new enlarged edition of The Secret Source: The Law of Attraction and its Hermetic Influence Throughout the Ages by Maja D’Aoust and Adam Parfrey published by Process Media.

“The new clothbound edition of The Secret Source includes a new chapter highlighting The Law of Attraction as promoted by secret societies through the ages, including Albert Pike for Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and new images from the fraternal brotherhoods.” [via]

“The Secret Source was originally published in 2007 with a paperback edition, and now it’s been released in an attractive hardcover edition with further material on Sex Magic of the 19th Century.” [via]


Synthesis in The Gate of the Sanctuary from The Temple of the Holy Ghost (Collected Works, Vol I) by Aleister Crowley.

“I love you now again with an undivided song.
Because I can never love you, I cannot do you wrong.
I saw in your dying embraces the birth of a new embrace;
In the tears of your pitiful faces, another Holier Face.
Unknowing it, undesiring, your lips have led me higher;
You have taught me purer songs that your souls did not desire;
You have led me through your chambers, where the secret bolt was drawn,
To the chambers of the Highest and the secrets of the Dawn!
You have brought me to command you, and not to be denied;
You have taught me in perfection to be unsatisfied;
You have taught me midnight vigils, when you smiled in amorous sleep;
You have even taught a man the woman’s way to weep.” [via]

The Nameless Quest in The Gate of the Sanctuary from The Temple of the Holy Ghost (Collected Works, Vol I) by Aleister Crowley.

“Here, she is willing. Stands the Absolute
Reaching its arms toward me. I am mute,
I draw toward. Oh, suddenly I see
The treason-pledge, the royal prostitute.
One moment, and I should have passed beyond
Linked unto spirit by the fourfold bond.
Not dead to earth, but living as divine,
A priest, a king, an oracle, a shrine,
A saviour! Yet my misty spirit conned
The secret murmur: ‘Gereth, I am thine!'” [via]

Son Of The Staves Of Time


“Sons Of The Staves Of Time” by Therion from Gothic Kabblah

Son of the Staves of Time
Tell us the secret rhyme
Byrger Tidesson
You investigate
Runic alphabet
And you innovate
Every stave of runes, all the secret signs
Ascending Tidher
Sign of inventor Idher
Byrger Tidesson
Foremost magistrate
Armed from ancient time
With arrows of fate
I’m your follower until heaven’s gate
Ascending Tidher
Sign of inventor Idher
Byrger Tidesson
From the ancient time
Runic ancestor
The last of your line
Son of the Staves of Time
Tell us the secret rhyme
Magistrate Tidesson
Secret King Tidesson
Ascending Tidher
Inventor Idher
Byrger Tidesson
You’re descending from Odin, Thor and Frej
From Tiundaland
Your Notarikon
Son of the Staves of Time
Tell us the secret rhyme”

The queen has tipped her chalice …

The queen has tipped her chalice to my lips and her intoxicating contents run down my chest soaking my body in her scent

I have been anointed by the daughter of heaven and been named by her heir apparent to the kingdom of her for this moment

She is the mother of my lust and my tower topples under her toplessness only to rise again in anticipation of another impending confusion of tongues

And the babel of the workers as they rush in becomes a ritual song rising and descending without and within, above and below, solve et coagula

At her next touch I dissolve into nothing and then surge forth resolving into pure gold

She is an inspiration to greater and greater intention and the mystery of her religion is the secret sanctuary of my excess

Her dance inspires me to religion within the pylons of her temple and the hieroglyphics there in her inner precincts teach me all the secret spells necessary to survive another afterlife

I am her rememberer and she is my passage to the underworld, and we abide in the darkness lit by an inner light

My negative confession is nothing but stuttering and slips of the tongue in the shadows of her inner temple where the sacred waters are stored for the worthy worshippers to wash themselves

Going down in the dark, I am drowning in light

John Griogair Bell


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