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Fifth International Conference of the ASE on Jun 19-22nd, 2014 at Colgate University

The Fifth International Conference of the Association for the Study of Esotericism on June 19th–22nd, 2014 at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. The conference schedule has recently been posted and you will find quite a few presenters and presentations of interest including a couple by Hermetic library fellows:

· Mark Stavish, Israel Regardie and the Theory and Practice of the Middle Pillar Exercise
· Joscelyn Godwin, Esotericism in a Murky Mirror: Strange Practices in Central New York.

Do check out the whole schedule, but a selection of the other presentations, that catch my eye, includes:

· John L Crow (Thelema Coast to Coast), The Theosophical Shift to the Visual: Graphical Representations of the Human Body in the Literature of Second and Third Generation Leadership in the Theosophical Society
· Simon Magus, The fin de siècle magical aesthetic of Austin Osman Spare: Siderealism, Atavism, Automatism, Occultism
· David Pecotic, Building Subtle Bodies — Gurdjieff’s esoteric practice of conditional immortality in the light of Poortman’s concept of hylic pluralism in the history of religions
· Richard Kaczynski, Inventing Tradition: The Construction of History, Lineage and Authority in Secret Societies
· Wouter Hanegraaff, The Transformation of Desire in Machen’s & Waite’s House of the Hidden Light
· Sarah Veale, Disenchantment of the Vampire: Balkan Folklore’s Deadly Encounter with Modernity
· Gordan Djurdjevic, “In Poison there is Physic”: On Poisons and Cures in Some Strands of Esoteric Theory and Practice.

Thelema Coast to Coast #04: May 14, 2005

In Thelema Coast to Coast #04: May 14, 2005, which you can listen to via Episode #4, there’s an interview with Tony Stansfeld-Jones, the son of Charles Stansfield Jones, Frater Achad. You can read quite a few of the works by Frater Achad over at The Qabalistic and Thelemic Works of Frater Achad.

I’ve also gone ahead and added a stub entry for Charles Stansfeld Jones at the Hermeneuticon wiki. Yeah, and I’ve also tried to fix a few places where I’d spelled “Stansfeld” wrong on pages in the library, even on pages in the Frater Achad section.

Thelema Coast to Coast #03: May 7, 2005

For one of the earliest shows, Thelema Coast to Coast #03: May 7, 2005, which you can listen to via Episode #3, there’s an interview with Richard Kaczynski about the original publication of Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley, which recently saw a major update.

And, if you’re interested in biographies of Aleister Crowley, you may want to check out the upcoming publication of Aleister Crowley: The Biography: Spiritual Revolutionary, Romantic Explorer, Occult Master and Spy by Tobias Churton, due to arrive Sept 2011. Apparently this work has materials that aren’t in Perdurabo, so they could make a good combination for your own library.

Thelema Coast to Coast

The newest section of the library is the official static archive of Thelema Coast to Coast, a podcast that was dedicated to the exploration of Thelema, Aleister Crowley, the New Aeon, ceremonial magick, and the occult. As the official archive, the old domain thelemacoasttocoast.com is now pointing to the library, and many of the podcast sites have already begun to show the new location for the show and the podcast audio files. So, you may want to go take a gander at the new archive of this podcast.

Last week I was contacted by John L. Crow, who was the person behind the podcast, about whether I’d be interested in being the new home for the site and all the files. He had seen the work I’d been doing on several previously difficult to find articles at The Meditations of Allan Bennett and my work on the recently added guest site The Enochian and Thelemic Works of David Richard Jones along with several of David Richard Jones’ historical sites, such as Invisible College; and thought that the library would make a great new, permanent home for Thelema Coast to Coast. So, I spent a bunch of time converting the old WordPress site into a static archive, and checking that all the files where there. This was actually something similar to what I’d done when I created the mirror for The Eidolons of Ash, which was originally built on top of Mediawiki. The result you can see is only slightly different in appearance from the original dynamic site, but is actually improved a bit behind the scenes and now all the comments are closed.

Not only are all the show files available, but you may be interested in a few pointers to some interesting things. First, there’s the really fun Postcards page which displays images of a number of artistic things sent to the podcast via postal mail as part of a sticker giveaway promotion. There’s also archived on the site Episode #0, Promo (which only appears in the RSS feed) and an Enhanced Podcast available with slides of the lecture linked in the show description for Episode #19.

I’ve also been given permission to run the old Thelema Coast to Coast swag shop, as a way of offering some nostalgic items but also to help support the library in offering space for preservation of these and other sections of historically interesting materials. I promised to buy John one of the mugs if I actually have people get enough of the swag to cover the costs of it, so, you know, help out with that if you’re interested in having a souvenir.

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