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He giggled like a hyena when Booker didn’t get it. “There’s no drugs.” “You said they were mules,” Booker insisted. “They are,” Rask crowed. “Not heroin – organs. Why the fuck do you think I told you not to shoot the truck?”

Patrick Todoroff, Sozo [Amazon]

Hermetic quote Todoroff Sozo giggled hyena didnt get it no drugs mules not heroin organs why the fuck told not shoot truck

“Where are you going, so meek and holy?”
“I’m going to temple to worship Crowley.”
“Crowley is God, then? How did you know?”
“Why, it’s Captain Fuller that told us so.”

While this sort of thing is styled success
I shall not count failure bitterness.

Aleister Crowley, Winged Beetle, The Convert

Hermetic quote Crowley The Winged Beetle The Convert going meek holy temple worship Crowley god how know Fuller told while styled success not count failure bitterness

See also The Star in the West.