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“Look, there’s no point in freaking out about the trials and ruining your day,” Phillip said. “I know,” Martin agreed. “Freak out tomorrow. That’s when the trials are. Today is meant to be a day of fun. Possibly your last.”

Scott Meyer, Off to Be the Wizard [Amazon, Bookshop, Local Library]

Hermetic quote Meyer Off to Be the Wizard no point freaking out ruining day tomorrow today day of fun possibly your last

Egyptian Magic in Egyptian Magic by Florence Farr.

“I am Yesterday, To-day and To-morrow, for I am born again and again. I am That Whose Force is unmanifest and nourisheth the Dwellers in the West. I am the Guider in the East. The Lord of the Two Faces Who seeth by His own Light. The Lord of Resurrections Who cometh forth from the Dusk and Whose Birth is from the House of Death.” [via]