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Mail call 5jan2023

Just arrived at the Reading Room, a copy of Trevor Blake’s OVO ‘zine, issue 21, Terminalia.

Hermetic Library Mail Call Trevor Blake OVO 21 Terminalia Cover

Front reads:

“OVO 21


Hermetic Library Mail Call Trevor Blake OVO 21 Terminalia Back

Back reads:

“OVO 21


Essays and Art by Trevor Blake including…
Let’s All Share, You Go First Asleep in Rotherham Trigger Warning I Have Met the Enemy Fair Please Think the Worst of Me Sophistication Atheism and Evil – The World Somebody’s Got to Pay Predictions about Same-Sex Marriage – Do Not Worry About What Never Happened – Trevor Responds to His Critics.

The publisher of OVO always likes to hear from readers – and respects their opinions. We therefore invite you to write us a letter or postcard stating frankly what you think of this magazine, and about the publisher generally. We particularly welcome suggestions for other titles you would like us to publish and other classifications and types of magazines that you think should be added to our list. Please keep in mind that it is the fixed policy of OVO to publish the best of both the old and new various categories of reading. See the full list of titles at the end of this magazine. Many readers are buying the new OVO each month and building their own OVO Home Libraries. Your suggestions for improving the editing, production and distribution of OVO are therefore particularly welcome.

‘At every turn in its though, society will find us – waiting.’


ISBN 9781944651077”

This is one of the missing volumes from the new OVO archive reflected at the Hermetic Library, and I’ve got permission from Trevor to make it available! I’ll add that to my to do list and get to it when I am able, but these are hard to get nowadays so I’m glad I was able to find this one. There’s still some others that I’m missing from the archive, so I’d love to hear from anyone with the old digital files saved on some ancient hard drive somewhere, or to talk with someone who’s got the physical issues and would be willing to share.