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I mean, these fuckers are dead, and they’re talking about their true wills, right? “… whether they will absorption in the infinite, or to be united with their chosen and preferred…” that’s Nuit – “or to be in contemplation, or to be at peace, or to achieve the labor and heroism of incarnation…” Bingo! “on this planet or another, or in any Star, or aught else, unto them may there be granted the accomplishment of their wills…” Hot shit. Means a whole hell of a lot more’s going on here than just the Miracle of Incarnation – the Baptism of Wisdom, whereby we accomplish the Miracle of Incarnation. It means it comes before the Miracle of Incarnation.

Karen DePolito, “the Aeon of the Death Cookie”: A Conversation About the Gnostic Mass Between Bishop Richard Gernon and Rt. Rev. Jerome Peartree

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