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The Primal Grimoire

The Primal Grimoire is a new web-based forum organized around the work and legacy of Kenneth Grant and the Typhonian Mysteries, and so may be of interest.

“The discussion site ‘The Primal Grimoire’, focusing on the work of Kenneth Grant and the Typhonian Tradition, is now open for access and participation. The site guidelines are at present informal and common-sense: be courteous, remain on-topic, and do not post copyright-infringing material. Posts will be moderated where such simple criteria are not understood.

There are at present three boards. The first concentrates on Grant’s magical and mystical development, with a number of sub-forums each covering a phase of development. The second covers Grant’s published work, with sub-forums for such categories as the Typhonian Trilogies, the Nightside Narratives, the Carfax Monographs. The third board focuses on Grant’s legacy and how it might develop.” [via]