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There will be times when the struggle seems impossible. I know this already. Alone, unsure, dwarfed by the scale of the enemy. Remember this. Freedom is a pure idea. It occurs spontaneously and without instruction. Random acts of insurrection are occurring constantly … even the smallest act of insurrection pushes our lines forward. … [The] need for control is so desperate because it is so unnatural. Tyranny requires constant effort. It breaks, it leaks. Authority is brittle. Oppression is the mask of fear. … Remember this. Try.

Tony Gilroy, Andor, s01e12

Hermetic quote Gilroy Andor s01e12 struggle seems impossible freedom pure idea spontaneously instruction random acts insurrection pushes lines forward remember try

Pax Hominibus Bonae Voluntatis by Aleister Crowley in International, Dec 1917.

“I have, therefore, the highest authority for submission to any kind of tyranny. Christ said once again, ‘Agree with thy adversary quickly while thou art in the way with him, lest he deliver thee to the officer and the officer deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the jailor, verily I say unto thee, thou shalt not come out till thou hast paid the very last mite,’ or words to that effect.” [via]

Anonymous EtherSec: #OpEPOCH


“Greetings fellow Anonymous, Occupiers, and curious onlookers..
By now, you’ve probably heard of Ether Security. We are here to protect you. All of you.

Imagine the current World War as a game of Chess.. If you are on our team, you are a piece in the White setting. This is not your average White side. We have no King, and no Pawns, and many more than the standard number of other pieces.

Imagine the Global Occupy Movement are the Knights, using asymmetrical tactics to strike where unexpected and most effective.

Imagine the various Hacktivist Secs are the Rooks, powering through cyberspace to annihilate anything in their focused path.

Imagine EtherSec are the Bishops, the Spiritual Guides, and Unifying Force, bringing the Love and Lulz to the entire sphere of existence. Do you feel that Heartbeat?

Together, the entire setting is the Queen, the embodiment of the whole setting’s power. This Queen is an idea.. We cannot be checkmated, because we have no King. We will not fall to the dooms of tyranny because we do not believe in Pawns.

To put it simply, this is: Operation Evolving People Over Current Hostilities.

Revolution is a phrase to describe the passage from one petty tyranny to another.

This is Evolution.

We are building a World Without Fear. A world of Love. A world of abundance, without Zero-Sum thought, or exploitation of Humanity. Not only for us, or our children, but for our children’s children who will be unpoisoned by this unnatural time.


See also: http://pastebin.com/NY9Akxek

I. His Ruling Ideas from The Philosophy of Shelley’s Poetry in Ideas of Good and Evil by William Butler Yeats.

“He affirms again and again that the virtuous, those who have ‘pure desire and universal love,’ are happy in the midst of tyranny, and he foresees a day when ‘the spirit of nature,’ the spirit of beauty of his later poems, who has her ‘throne of power unappealable in every human heart,’ shall have made men so virtuous that ‘kingly glare will lose its power to dazzle and silently pass by,’ and as it seems even commerce, ‘the venal interchange of all that human art or nature yields, which wealth should purchase not,’ come as silently to an end.” [via]