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Crowley in Cefalù: The Lost Notes

Crowley in Cefalù: The Lost Notes by Edmund Tate, edited by Valerio Montinari, might possibly be of interest, but, really I just don’t even know. Given the publisher’s self description and some of the vitriol against it, this could be just derisibly execrable enough to be hilarious. On the other hand, it could just be that bad. It seems to have very little to do with Aleister Crowley than it is a case study either way of a struggling troubled mind, assuming the figure Edmund Tate is real. At least I laughed aloud reading the absurd information in the publisher’s description, so who knows? But, honestly, I’m not willing pay money to find out. Maybe someone else will take the bullet and send in a review.

Edmund Tate Valerio Montinari Crowley in Cefalu from Momo Press

“Edmund Tate, a 33-year-old Britisher, visited the town of Cefalù on the north coast of Sicily in 2012 to research the life and times of Aleister Crowley. During his research, Tate became convinced he was Crowley, and tragically committed suicide in Cefalù in 2013. Tate left behind a set of remarkable notes on Crowley and his doctrine. By turns troubling and profound, the notes have been collected and edited for publication by Dr. Valerio Montinari.”

“Published by The Mômo Press, this remarkable book is a celebration of Aleister Crowley and his doctrine on Thelema, exploring magickal practice in a provocative new way. Expanding on Crowley’s concept of the will, Edmund Tate connects the human will with the idea of a universe dominated by entropy. He also explores the hidden relationship between mankind and the phallus.

Crowley in Cefalù: The Lost Notes also reveals for the first time that:

· Bigfoot is the true human race, preserved from extinction in an interdimensional boundary region, with homo sapiens being a transgenic mix of Bigfoot and extraterrestrial
· MILABS, cattle mutilations, and even MK-ULTRA were undertaken by the American government in an effort to discover the motivations behind alien operations through recreation
· Human precognitive ability is an evolutionary adaption with origins in the physical sex act”