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Vintage Black Wand

Vintage Black Wand — George Alexander “made by the personal tool craftsman to Alex and Maxine Sanders” may be of interest.

George Alexander vintage black wand at Treadwell's Books

“Turned wooden wand, painted black with wound leather handle. Smells wonderfully of incense.

Comes wrapped in tissue in a black carry case. Wand is approx 27cm long.

This wand was made by George Alexander (d. 2009), swordsmith and tool maker to Alex and Maxine Sanders in the 1960s. The tools and crafted items he made for them can be seen in many of the press photographs taken at photoshoots of the Sanders’ Alexandrian ceremonies.

Treadwells was priviledged to meet his widow, Francesca Rossetti, from whom we received this wand and several other items he made. George Alexander and his work are recognised as being of historical significance, and some of his crafted pieces have been acquired by the Museum of Witchcraft.”

The Wand, Summer 2013 ev, An IVxxi

The Summer 2013 / An IVxxi issue of Wand, the journal of Coph Nia, a local body of Ordo Templi Orientis in the valley of Eugene, OR, whose body master is Hermetic Library fellow David Richard Jones, has arrived courtesy of that body and is now part of the collection at the Reading Room.

Coph Nia Wand Summer 2013 An IVxxi
Cover: Frater Achad, Charles Stansfeld Jones from An XV, Sun in Aries

In Nomine Babalon, LIV


Armed with a chalice and magickal wand,

A sword and a disc to help seal the bond.

As I call You forth in my invocation,

I raise up the cup and adore Babalon!

In Nomine Babalon: 156 Adorations to the Scarlet Goddess


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