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Human beings are never going to be perfect. The best we can do is keep asking for help and accepting it when you can. If you keep doing that, you will always be moving towards better.

Brendan Hunt, Joe Kelly and Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso, s03e12, “So Long, Farewell

Hermetic quote Hunt Kelly Sudeikis Ted Lasso So Long Farewell human beings never perfect keep asking help accepting when you can keep doing always moving towards better

Chesed corresponds to the creative aspects of leadership, and early texts are one-sided in characterising this by love, mercy and majesty. Gevurah corresponds to the conservative aspects of leadership, to the power to preserve the status-quo, and the power to destroy anything opposed to it. These two aspects go hand-in-hand – try to change anything of consequence in society, and someone will invariably oppose that change. To bring about change it is often necessary to have the power to over-rule opposition. Consensus is an impossibility in society – there will always be someone whose opinions are at best ignored and at worst suppressed – and Chesed and Gevurah represent respectively the kingly obligation to seek what is good for the many (enlightened leadership of course!), and the power to judge and punish those opposed to the will of the king.

Colin Low, Introduction to the Kabbalah, “Gevurah and Chesed

Hermetic quote Low Introduction to the Kabbalah Gevurah and Chesed creative leadership love mercy majesty conservative leadership power preserve status quo destroy opposing consensus impossibility