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Louie Lingam, Part II

A couple of couplets by T Polyphilus over on his blog today at “Louie Lingam, Part II“:

“I am not an Agnostic in your sense of the word: your god-idea is too vacuous for any theologian to lie about it.
I am not an Agnostic in your sense of the word: fancy ignorance held up as prudence!
As long as there are metaphysical cobwebs passed off as luxurious silks, I am against Agnosticism, and for the Gnosis.
The ‘wisdom’ of any suspended judgment is less estimable than the folly of experience.” [via]

In Nomine Babalon, XIV


Thou art the hermit alone on the peak

And also the adept who climbs up to seek

The wisdom of sages and their reflection.

I raise up the cup and adore Babalon!

In Nomine Babalon: 156 Adorations to the Scarlet Goddess


The Hermetic Library arts and letters pool is a project to publish poetry, prose and art that is inspired by or manifests the Western Esoteric Tradition.

Egyptian Magic in Egyptian Magic by Florence Farr.

“Now, if an Egyptian failed in standing such tests as these, in the ceremony of his initiation, he was regarded as a man liable to become an evil KHOU if his power was developed: and in their Wisdom the Priests rejected him and left him in that ignorance which led to oblivion and the annihilation of the incarnating Ego. Not only this, but if he, by underhand means, found out magical formulas and was able to use them effectively, the punishment was death.” [via]

Egyptian Magic in Egyptian Magic by Florence Farr.

“Behind her is her KA or real Ego; the hands, lifted in aspiration above the head, enclose the rectangular parallelogram representing the Portal of Wisdom in which is written the HORUS or heroic Name which according to Egyptian dogma was to be won by the Theurgic rites of Initiation. On it is seated the Royal HORUS BAIE.” [via]

The Deeper Symbolism of Freemasonry from The Meaning of Masonry by Walter Leslie Wilmshurst.

“Upon self-scrutiny, too, i.e., upon entering into that ‘porchway’ of contemplation which like a winding staircase leads inward to the Holy of Holies within himself, he realizes that difficulties and obstacles placed in his way are utilised by the Eternal Wisdom as the necessary means of developing the latent and potential good in him, and that as the rough ashlar can only be squared and perfected by chipping and polishing, so he also can be made perfect only by toil and by suffering.” [via]


Grace” is a track added by Sublimatus in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


“Grace” from School of Sorcery by Sublimatus

“Grace conceals herself,
So if you think you’ve found her,
Be thee weary,
The seven tides of fury may carry Grace away,
Yet once you’ve leaved to marry,

Mother, Maiden, Crone to the Warrior, Father, Fool,
The links of time carry no bind,
And tides are shafts of light,
To be embraced in thoughtless hours of a moment’s trace,

I ask for the shameless night, and lightening blots of blue,
I crave desire’s edge and nothing that is new,
Where Wisdom is folly and Wealth is Poverty,
And seed is Desolation and Life is Death,
And Dominance is Subjugation
Peace is War, and Grace is Ugliness
The Falcon calls the tune and no mask shall I wear
The Falcon calls the tune”


The Hermetic Library audio pool is an auditory scavenger hunt for sounds and music of a living Western Esoteric Tradition.

Music and performance can be a form of ritual and magick. Works and artists have long been inspired by the ideas of Western Esotericism and Mysticism. This group is to help create a space for sharing, music and other audio, and connecting with artists who feel drawn to these topics and ideas, or, especially, incorporate and manifest ritual and magick in their works.