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Shopping for Hermetic and Alchemical Books in Amsterdam

Shopping for Hermetic and Alchemical Books in Amsterdam” is a post by Woody Evans, over on the Ultraculture group blog, about a visit to the Ritman Library and seeing the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica collection. Also, I notice in passing that the Ritman Library’s website has been updated.

“Earlier this year I had the good fortune to find myself in Amsterdam. As a visit to the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica was on my short list of “to do,” I hit the pavement and wandered through Jordaan until I found its very discreet position at No. 13, Bloemstraat. You’ve kind of got to work the city a little bit to find it, and surely it’s easier if you speak the Dutch. I don’t.” [via]

The final paragraph gives passing mention to the Esoteric Book Conference, a few publishers and a particular hat tip to the Hermetic Library:

“It’s worth mentioning the resurgence in fine alchemical printing going on at the moment — plenty to see and learn about new works at the Esoteric Book Conference (in Seattle, the 15-16 of September). And see also: Hadean Press, Papaveria, Fulgur. I think the folks at The Hermetic Library also know some some stories about the Ritman Collection.” [via]