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Furthermore that I will perform all practical work connected with this Order, in a place concealed … that I will keep secret this inner Rosicrucian Knowledge … that I will only perform any practical magic before the uninitiated which is of a simple and already well-known nature, and that I will show them no secret mode of working whatsoever.

Ritual of the 5 = 6 Grade of Adeptus Minor, the Ritual of the Order of Rosæ Rubeæ Et Aureæ Crusis at Aleister Crowley, “The Adept” in The Temple of Solomon the King, Book II, continued, serialized in The Equinox.

Hermetic quote Golden Dawn Adeptus Minor Aleister Crowley Adept will perform work order place concealed keep secret inner Rosicrucian knowledge uninitiated no secret mode working

The meditation on love will overcome in you all hatred and wrath … So very powerful is this method of meditation, that a very short practice will give results — results that you will find working in your life and thoughts, bringing peace and happiness to you, and to all around you.

Allan Bennett, The Training of the Mind

Hermetic quote Bennett training mind meditation love overcome hatred wrath very powerful method very short practice results working life thoughts peace happiness to you all around

The Man-Who-Dies is the Tester or Questioner, the one who does not accept what is normally taken as truth without testing it himself. As such he is an object of fear to most people, who are happier with comfortable lies than uncomfortable truths, and is characterized as a devil, rebel, or dangerous heretic of one sort or another. His testing of accepted norms usually brings him into a position where he finds himself working to bring about change in the status quo so that new growth can occur, or to resist the excesses of an entrenched power. Traditionally he ends up being killed, imprisoned or otherwise punished by the guardians of the status quo, but with the advent of the anti-hero in modern literature, he often ends up conquering.

Benjamin Rowe, Tables of Correspondences for the INRI / IRNI Formulas

Hermetic quote Rowe Tables of Correspondences for the INRI / IRNI Formulas man who dies test questioner not accept truth without testing people happier comfortable lies uncomfortable truths rebel heretic

Next day, the victims each receive a letter explaining that their receipt of the objects effected the delivery of a curse. The hex will cause them to come to know their true desires, symbolized by the magical objects. They will also now begin to realize they are acting as enemies of the human race by commodifying desire and working as the agents of soul-Control. The magic art-objects will weave into their dreams and desires, making their jobs now seem not only poisonously boring but also morally destructive. Their desires so magically awakened will ruin them for work in the Media – unless they turn to subversion and sabotage.

Hakim Bey, The Occult Assault on Institutions

Hermetic quote Bey Wilson The Occult Assault on Institutions letter curse hex know true desires symbolized magical objects acting enemies human race commodifying desire ruin subversion sabotage

End of the World Enochian Working

End of the World Enochian Working with Lon Milo DuQuette is an online event sponsored by Thelesis Aura for which you can register online.

End of the World Enochian Working with Lon Milo DuQuette via Thelesis Aura

“The webinar will begin at 10:00AM GMT and will continue for about three hours, so long as the Internet continues to function and/or exist.

The exact time of the Winter Solstice/Mayan End of the World is 11:11 GMT. Friday, December 21, 2012, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM GMT (United Kingdom)” [via]

“The Mayan Calendar runs out of days on December 21, 2012 e.v.

Do you know what may (or may not) happen?

Join Lon Milo DuQuette online and find out!

World famous occultist, author, musician, lecturer, teacher, tarot reader, Enochian Magick expert, and all around fun guy Lon Milo DuQuette will explore the 30 Aethyers of the Angelic realms of the Enochians as the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center at the precise moment of the Winter Solstice on Friday, December 21st at 11:11 AM GMT.

This is an event and magickal working of a kind never before attempted or experienced in the history of human civilization.

Something to be able to tell your grandchildren about . . . if there are any.

No matter what happens or doesn’t, this is something not to be missed!” [via]

“But no matter what happens, we will be all working together in a global magickal working that can only be performed every 25,800 YEARS!

Not only will this be a once in a lifetime event, it most likely be a once in civilization’s lifetime event. Indeed, the next time this happens, humans may not even exist!” [via]