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Zhoupheus Issue 2

Issue 2 of the Zhoupheus, a bi-annual esoteric magazine, is available, and there is a special for Issue 1 on offer. You can gander through a preview of Issue 2 online as well.

“Zhoupheus is proud to present the complete list of contributors for issue two!

Leigh McCloskey Illustrations and interview
Matthew Wightman Essay: ”In the End there was the Beginning: A Klifotic Theology”
Patrick Larabee Illustrations and essay: “The Magick of Art(e) – Delineations of the Divine”
Kafre Illustrations
Joel Rosenburg Illustrations and essay: “On Painting”
Andrew Schmidt Illustrations, sculptures and interview
CircleArt Illustrations and commentary
Devin Pentagram Essay: “Rescuing Magick from Subtlety”
Santiago Caruso Illustrations
Valin Mattheis Illustrations and commentary
Mason Parker Poetry: “Laws of Form, Wu-shin, or Shivadarshana? (Neti Neti)” and “Lies”” [via]